We are hiring: Art Director with a different perspective

March 29, 2017 - Our job at V&B is to find out what people really care about. That's how we make sure the brands we work with earn their space in people's lives. Now, we are looking for more creatives in order for us to play an even better role in our customers' visual reality.

We are hiring: Art Director with a different perspective

Do you believe the world is larger than the streets you walk on? Does India, Canada and Paris intrigue you just as much as Torsby and Torslanda? Do you believe that advertising has the power to make our society better? If these are questions you can't wait to answer and you believe in creating communication based on real needs that help brands earn their space in people's lives, then you are one of us.

We are looking for a customer-oriented Art Director with international experience who knows that each meeting with a brand needs to be taken seriously, taken care of and wants to help make sure it happens. Someone who masters interactive experiences both on screen and in real life and does not let any media stand in the way of a good idea. But above all, we're looking for a friendly, open-minded colleague who shares our advertising philosophy and loves to figure out solutions to communication challenges, in all its forms and contexts.

Valentin&Byhr of today is 50 people strong and we work with everything from green peas to electric buses. We create commercial concepts for our clients based on a conviction that all market communication must earn its space in people's lives. We also strongly believe in diversity and having a workplace you look forward to go to.

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